About Ukraine India Association

Ukraine India Association is a non-profit Ukrainian non-governmental organization that actively promotes the socio-economic and cultural development of Ukraine and India.


The Association's activities are based on the principles of democracy. The Conference is our highest governing body. All the operational issues are handled by the Board. The Board is headed and governed by the President.

Members of the Board

Honorary President — Valentyn ADOMAITIS

President — Stanislav MARTYNYUK

Vice President for Internal Issues — Olena RYZHEI

Vice President for the Liaison with the Indian Diaspora — Ram DANGE

Executive Secretary — Valentyna USTINOVA

Registration Certificate

Ukraine India Association was officially registered on 10 July 1991.



Our first Statute was adopted on 10 July 1991, on 2 November 1991 some changes were introduced to the Statute, and on 2 February 1993 it was officially re-registered.

The current statute is the one adopted in 1993.